The William Thomas Agency LLC


Christopher W. Quigley

Christopher W .Quigley founded The William Thomas Agency with over a decade of experience in the design and sales of high performance architectural lighting, unique landscape furnishings, and architectural expressions for the urban realm.

Christopher obtained his Interior Design Diploma in 2006 in British Columbia, Canada (specializing in lighting design). He then set his sights on an Urban Design program at Simon Fraser University, where he placed significant emphasis on effective and thoughtful lighting plans and artistic installations for the urban realm. This combination sales experience and education has in turn provided the requisite acumen, vocabulary, and vernacular required to work on projects at both a micro, and a macro level.

Christopher is an architectural lighting specialist, interior designer, raconteur, car enthusiast, world traveler, collector of mid-century modern furniture, watches, art, and obscure objects. In his spare time, Christopher greatly enjoys learning how to fly in a Cirrus SR22, and writing about himself in the third person.

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