concept urbain

For 30 years, Concept Urbain has been shaping urban landscapes.
Our aim: to be involved in the improvement of urban ecosystems, combining sustainable performance with a contemporary a aesthetic approach. Our laboratory, as a genuine center for research and development in street furniture, promotes the emergence of innovative projects which keep track of developments in urban practices and aesthetic trends. Drawing on our belief that the appropriation of space involves a better understanding of people and the more effective consideration of the environment, our street furniture are based upon tailor-made and rational design.




Moonako edits and manufactures furniture for the creation of living spaces and hospitality areas in public-access establishments. Theaters and cinemas, schools and universities, shops, leisure centers, museums and libraries, stations and airports, hotels and restaurants, gardens and open-air attractions – all these facilities can be elegantly enhanced by Moonako furniture. With subtle and contemporary design, its collections combine quality of use and quality of materials.