The William Thomas Agency represents small to medium sized creative and independent manufacturers that require exceptional fit and placement within the Architectural and Lighting agency model.The William Thomas Agency understands the intricacies and complexities of working with the creative, and often long sales cycle manufacturers, and has spent over a decade developing its refined approach of successful sales through education .

The William Thomas Agency has the history, as well as the requisite skillset to represent their manufacturers’ business interests. The WTA has a full understanding of interior design, urban design, lighting design and a strong familiarity with manufacturing processes. We easily coordinate with engineers, architectural professionals, and various trades including electricians, plumbers, millworkers, and others to assist with inquiries during the construction and installation phases of each project. This unique combination of skills and experience is quite rare, and The WTA has that exact rare blend of experience, education, insight, and vision to effectively and successfully represent its partner manufacturers in the NY market and beyond.

These creative and independent manufacturers need a champion, and they will find that champion within The William Thomas Agency. We are able to provide the required attention and patience often lacking from the industry’s larger format agencies. The WTA has a carefully curated line card, and truly believes in the products, product mix, and brand message of each of the brands it represents.

The William Thomas Agency’s services include—first and foremost—strategic and focused efforts to realize sales goals. We work in partnership with each manufacturer to deliver a sales campaign tailored to meet their individual needs. We also assist in developing and implementing public relations strategies, as well as hosting targeted manufacturer-specific and combined events with the intent of increasing sales in the American market. The WTA believes that this engagement in events both directly in, and adjacent of the architectural and design industry plays a significant role in building brand awareness and recognition.

Overall, The William Thomas Agency will perform the services of a manufacturer’s in-house business development manager, though because of our unique model, we are able to deliver these services at a fraction of the cost to each manufacturer. Administration of the services are shared between the various manufacturers we represent, thus giving them a full-time presence in the largest specification market in North America.


We look forward to working with you!